Jamie Howden - About

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Hello, my name is Jamie Howden and I'm a self taught Scottish landscape photographer living in Perthshire, Scotland. On my site you will see various places in Scotland I have visited over the years. I like to present the places I've been as how I saw it at the time, therefore I do as much as I can in camera and use minimal Photoshop and editing in my work.

Landscape photographer Jamie Howden standing in front of Lochan n-ah achlaise, Glencoe

How it all started

One day I was taken on a day trip to the east coast of Scotland where I spent the day by the sea and ever since that outing I have been inspired to capture the ever changing landscapes of Scotland. I’m at my happiest exploring the great outdoors with my camera, living in Scotland I don’t have to travel far before I am in the mountains, by the sea or standing at the side of a loch.

Landscape photographer Jamie Howden in Harris, Scotland

About my photography

My desire is to create images that promote Scotland’s beauty and also inspire others to visit the places I photograph. I am lucky enough to live in a country with so much history, heritage, rugged landscapes and I have been privileged enough to witness some amazing scenes over the years. I’m always planning my next trip to expand my horizons of this amazing place that I call home.

Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to browse through all my images on my site. Feel free to add me on Instagram also to join me on my latest adventure, I always post behind the scenes images and footage of my travels.